Managing diversity as an opportunity for growth

Rome, 4-6 July 2012

In the last decades globalization has shrunk the world into a smaller place. With regard to the international financial system, this has contributed to re-conceptualize the traditional frame of inter-state commerce in the light of trans-nationalism and pluralism.

In this context, the recent emergence of the Islamic financial market offers operators new opportunities, while raising new challenges. In fact, with over 600 institutions and assets estimated at over 2 trillion USD, Islamic finance constitutes an attractive area of investment for market operators; but, at the same time, it requires the acquisition of new skills in order to transform diversity in an opportunity for growth.

Accordingly, the Summer School provides attendants with fundamental means for dealing with Islamic finance as an emergent transnational market, highlighting its peculiar tools for portfolio diversification and risk management, as well as for the promotion of social responsible investments and sustainable growth.

The Summer School comprises three days of lectures, discussions and round tables, with regard to three fundamental subject matters:

4 July: Economic development, pluralism and Islam

5 July: Islamic finance at a global stage: from theory to practice

6 July: Islamic finance, Europe and the Arab spring impact on the MENA region

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