Rome, 3 - 14July, 2006

"Integrating Europe in a Changing World"

The III Jean Monnet Chair International Summer Seminar "Integrating Europe in a Changing World" will once again intellectually stimulate and challenge students from across the World. The Seminar is organized in collaboration with the Center for American Studies and Euroforum Firenze, and it goes under the patronage of prestigious local and international institutions such as the European Commission, the Italian Ministry for the EU, the Italian Senate, etc. ...

The highly selective, unique and exciting opportunity to debate and discuss vital matters pertaining to Europe with the best international minds will be held from the 3rd to the 14th of July, 2006 in Rome, Italy. On average, only one third of the applicants are accepted!
The Summer Seminar addresses primarily to graduate and PhD students, young professionals. Exceptionally skilled senior undergraduates can be accepted on individual bases. It will be a highly intensive course, according to the tradition of the Rome Summer Seminars, held under the umbrella of the Jean Monnet Chair. The teaching body will be composed of an unique mix of top international Policy Makers, Diplomats and Academicians, from both Europe and US. The participants will have the opportunity to obtain 12 ECTS/6US Credits over the two weeks including the defence of 4-5,000 words paper, all of which will be fully transferable to home institutions.

The Summer Seminar will be divided into two modules of thirty teaching hours each.

The first part of the Seminar will focus on the Domestic dimensions of the European Union. The focus will be put on evaluating the real degree of EU integration and on the hidden aspects of the EU decision making procedures, as well as of EU Institutions and Policy making after the recent enlargement.

The second part will focus on the Foreign Policy of the Union. The multilateral perspective the EU adopts in its interaction with other international political actors will be discussed in relations to the different areas of the world. Insight will be given on the evolving Transatlantic Relations; on Europe as a multilateral actor in the CSFDP; the importance of commercial policy; the EU's role in promoting co-operation, human rights, democracy and development through its association agreements etc..

The Opening Lecture will be given by the Vice President of the European Convention and the former Prime Minister of Italy, Prof. Giuliano Amato. Other esteemed speakers - coming from all over the world - will include Prof. Andrew Moravsick (Princeton University); Stefano Grasssi (Secretariat General of the European Commission); Charis Xirouchakis (Head of the Public Relations of the Council of EU Ministers); Khalid Emara (Foreign Minister of Egypt); and many other including diplomats, academicians, journalists, EU officials, etc.

The total cost of the Seminar is €1290. For students of Italians Universities the cost is 650€. Both are inclusive of a non reimbursable application fee of 50€. Up to five partial grants, based upon academic merit, motivation and need will be offered. Furthermore, the best student of the seminar will receive and additional monetary prize of €1000.
The deadlines for applications are 28th February 2006 (grant requests) and 30th April 2006. Acceptance will be notified within one month after the deadline.

Applicants shall provide: a letter of presentation, a letter of motivation, a Curriculum Vitae, a copy of diplomas or a transcripts of grades. Applications by email are warmly advised.

For further information, please visit our website at www.ue.uniroma2.it., or contact us at eu.summer.school@uniroma2.it.