The European Center was created in 2002 with the goal to ‘Europeanize’ the University and to build a solid reputation for managing and realizing European programs.

In 2004 Dr. Bindi was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair “Integrating Europe in a Changing World” and in 2008 the Center received the status of Jean Monnet Center of Excellence by the European Commission.

Among the activities organized by the European Center there are: the II Convention of Students (Rome, 2003) gathering over 300 students from 25 EU partner universities to discuss the result of the Convention with Ministers, Commissioners and other top decision-makers; “The Future of Europe” grant (2003-4) for the realization of outreach activities (on line course, book, conferences, e-newsletter, etc.). In 2004-2005, due to its experience in managing European projects, the European Centre was asked by the previous coordinators (IEP) to coordinate the dissemination phase of the POLIS (poli.sc.) thematic network. The experience proved fundamental in successfully giving birth to an ERASMUS thematic network (“SENT”) a network formed by over 80 universities worldwide aiming to assess European studies which thanks to a Jean Monnet grant in 2009 has been extended to extra European countries. Other EU grants have been or are successfully managed by UTV’s European Center, among which the project on the EU foreign policy which led to a major conference in July 2008 and to the publishing of “The Foreign Policy of the European Union. Assessing EU’s role in the world”, Brooking Press, Washington DC, 2010.

The Center also managed a two-years Jean Monnet funded multinational research project on the Frontiers of Europe ended with the publication of a second volume edited by Brookings Press and due in spring 2011, as well as a Jean Monnet IRA on the comparison between the National Foreign Policies and the EU Foreign Policy whose final meeting was organized in July 2011 and the results are being collected in a publication due in spring 2012. Recently the Center was awarded of two other Jean Monnet modules titled “Integrating Islamic Finance in the EU Market” in 2010 and “Regulatory Networks, EU Agencies and Beyond: The Institutional Frontiers of EU Market Integration” in 2011.

During the years the Jean Monnet Chairs have been an incentive to engage in important activities supporting the European cause: publications, debates and round tables, major conferences organized two times a year, seminars within different classes, a monthly e-newsletter and field trips to the European institutions.

The Jean Monet Center of Excellence, is mainly staffed by researchers, Phd, graduate and undergraduate students, thus fulfilling ad educative mission also in this, naturally also benefits from the support of other administrative units of the University such as the IT Center, the School of Distance Learning and the Departments of the University.

Among the partners of the Centre there are the most prestigious European and International Universities and Institutions such as:

The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of the Johns Hopkins University
The Brookings Institution
The European Council on Foreign Relations.
The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Italian National School of Public Administration (SSPA)
Centro Studi Americani
Associazione Culturale Eurosduvillage Italia

Staff Directory

Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Integration
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The J.M. Centre collaborate with some students:
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